We're in the begining stages of transitioning from Ghost to ZENworks
imaging. I've noticed that ZISWIN is not working properly on our Dell
GX270s. I can see and manipulate data from the Linux prompt using
ZISEDIT, but ZISWIN is unable to see or write any information to the hard
drive. This is preventing the Image Safe Data from being written to the
WS after being imaged. Everything works properly on the GX240s, and GX260s
(IDE Drives). I've only looked at one GX280(Western Digital SATA Drive),
and that seems to have some, but not all, information. The import name
and some other info was missing.
I've noticed that when I make a change on the WS that would initiate
ZISWIN to write the change, the WS will go through the boot process and
reboot just before presenting the login prompt. This problem is
duplicated on a couple of different images as well as an image that I
built from scratch. The initial images that I worked with were at one
time Ghosted. The image that I built was untouched by Ghost.
I've been unable to find this problem reported anywhere. Anyone have an
idea what's going on?

Netware 6.5
ZENworks 6.5 (SP1 not installed)

BIOS is current
4.91 Client
SP1 ZENworks agent
Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA 120GB HD
ZIP Drive on IDE primary channel
CD on IDE Secondary Channel