I am getting mixed messages on imaging I have seen in this forum as well as
documentation on Novell's site.

When you create a base image of a machine based on an Optiplex GX280, is it
possible or not to use that same image on different Optiplex and Latitude
models? Or is the recommended practice to create base images based on each
different computer model system and installed OS (ie, Optiplex GX280,
Latitude d800)?

Our company has a melting pot of Dell systems that are coming back into us
being replace with new systems. We are beginning to order the same Dell
models for everybody. But with the older systems coming back in, we are
re-deploying them back to "low-end" users. Our plan is to create a base
image for the re-deploys licensed with W2K and put them back into
production. It would work well to use that base image on the Dell
Dimensions (XPS and 4100's).

Any help is greatly appreciated.