I am looking for a way to quickly reimage a computer. I work for a high
school supporting several computer labs and am exploring options for
providing a "clean slate" machine for every user at every login. We
currently use Zenworks 6.5 and I have made use of the imaging server to
lay down images, but this takes way too long. I need to be able to
reimage as many as 100 machines all in the same 4 minute passing time
between classes. I am wondering if it is possible to reach this time
frame by storing the image on the local hard drive and basically let each
machine reimage itself between periods. This of course would have to be
automated in some way so that its triggered by a reboot. In addition, I
would like to be able to continue using the imaging server to update the
images stored on the local machines during the night, in an automated
fashion of course.

To recap, I want each local hard drive to have two partitions, one with
the active end-user OS and one to store an image of that OS. A reboot
would trigger the computer to rewrite the end-user OS partition from the
imaging partition. At night, a wake-on-LAN signal could be sent to the
computers and, upon booting, they would upload a fresh copy of the end-
user OS to their imaging partitions.

My end game would be to have a computer which does not need to be locked
down via group policies, that I don't have to worry about spyware or
viruses or intentional or unintentional tampering because it will be
wiped out and replaced with a fresh install on every reboot. This
process must take place in under 4 minutes because of the passing time
limitation. I already own Zenworks, so the scenario described earlier
would seem to be my cheapest option, but I am open to other alternatives
which provide the same end result.

My environment is Windows XP SP2 installed on Pentium IV computers with
100Mb LAN connections. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly