I have very little Linux experience, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I've
updated my test ZEN 6.5 deployment to SP1a.

My problem is that the boot cd won't work properly with a Dell Latitude
D400. The bootcd.iso that came with ZEN 6.5 original release wouldn't boot
because it didn't appear to like the external USB CDROM. The updated boot
cd boots with the external cdrom, but it appears that the Broadcom 57xx
driver that's built into the package (v 7.3.5) doesn't work with this
laptop. So, I want to try updating to the current version (v 8.1.55).

So, I've tried the precompiled boot cds from the Novell Forge site. The
updated kernel versions (2.6.11) don't like the external USB CDROM, just
like the original from ZEN 6.5. All the other discs appear to have the old
version of the Broadcom driver builtin, which doesn't improve my situation.
I don't know what version is builtin to the 2.6.11 builds since I can't
boot them.

Next I tried to follow the instructions from another post about building
your own boot cd using kernel 2.4.28 (same as SP1a), but I bombed at that.

I imagine that this will continue to come up as we get new machines, so I
would like to have a cut and dry (spell it out) process for updating my
boot cd. I'm sure many Linux newbies would appreciate this if anyone can
offer a solution.