Everything else is working fine - import and inventory, etc. We can use
boot flopppies to take and replace an image. When booting to PXE, the
workstation is set to take an image and override the policy, it does not
work. It seems to connect but says there is no work to be done. I am not
sure if it is because we are doing something wrong or something is not
working, or if it actually is not getting thru to the server. If we can
get thru with floppies does that prove we can get thru with PXE?
If not - is this a response that might be misleading - in other words it
is not gettting thru but does not know how to report that to me so just
says there is no work to do instead of saying I get can't thru your

What other settings might I be missing?
How would I actually know that the NIC driver is wrong - would it say so
or just say -no work to be done?