This is weird. Using an old version of Console one without Zen 6.5
snapins - we could make one app object into a .zmg file. But in the new
version with new snapins we could not. It was an msi origianlly.
We tried making a new app object with same .msi andstill cannot make it
into a .zmg file.
What is the problem? I see nothing complicated or interesting in this

Also - it is possible to make a batch file that controls an application
install into a .zmg without doing the imgexp.exe process? The
imgexp.exe process needs the customer to know what files and regedits to
make individually. Is there a way to do it more like Snapshot? or are
we stuck with making the snapshot application object with an AOT and
then turn that into a .zmg? Those are not allowing us to make the .zmg