I'm using Zen 6.5 SP1a and trying to get multi-cast imaging working. I'm
running into a strange problem that I hope someone can help me with....

I create the multicast session on the server and assign workstations to
it. I boot the workstations, they join the session and set at the waiting
for master session to start screen. The session never starts and I never
see a multicast session on the server.

As a test I set the number of workstations to 1 and minutes to wait to 1.
I assigned 10 workstations to the session. I restarted imgserv.nlm on the
server so all the stats would be at 0.

I booted one workstation. It joined the session but I never saw the
multicast role line or the 'my session number' line. On the server at
that point I saw update requests 1 and images sent 1. I went to exit the
image server and it said there was an active session so I did not exit.
There was nothing listed in the multicast sessions screen and the
workstation was still waiting for the session to start.

After 10 minutes or so I booted another one of the workstations. As soon
as it started the multicast session I saw the multicast role : client and
my session number show up on the first workstation. It didn't show up on
the second one, however.

At this point the server is showing 2 update requests and 2 images sent
but still nothing in the multicast sessions screen.

Can anyone shed any light on this more me? Thanks.

Dave Thomas