I'm running ZEN engine on ZFD4.01ir5. Was previously using the
zfd401 drivers on forge.novell.com... they worked well, however SATA support
was not there so i decided to try the ZDM6.5 files.

SATA works under the ZDM6.5 release with DMA mode enabled however i cant do
any benchmarking with HDPARM. I could do this previously with ZFD401 +
running in Combined mode (but without DMA)...

When i run HDPARM under ZDM6.5 engine i get the following error:

bash> hdparm -Tt /dev/hda
read() failed: input/output error
Timing buffered disk reads: read() failed: input/output error

Yet i can still push and pull images off the server....

Any thoughts?