We have been using Zen for images for a long time and have been able to
create images with some problems, SATA, Broadcom NIC drivers. Recently
we got new Dell D610 Laptops. Created the images as we have a before
went to restore the image on another exact laptop did not work. Just to
check to be sure image was working copied our GX280 image to a PC went
down in 3:18 so everything is working. Took the D610 out of the box no
software added (no client32) imaged it up imaged it down no problem. So
I know I have a good CD with the correct NIC drivers. We copied down the
image again after rebooting the ZEN image server copied the image up
tried to copy it down same thing part way through the install the image
halts and it goes to a bash prompt. Also most images take about 7
minutes to bring down this one takes over 20 minutes and fails. We are
going to build another PC from scratch and see which program is blowing
up the download.

Any help would be great.

The only other thing we have changed from the Dell D505 laptop image is
the version of Client 32 to 4.91 the most current we have access to.