We have a problem with our Dell Optiplex computers freezing after dropping
images on them. We did not have this problem at Zenworks 4 and we now have
Zenworks 6.5. In the Zenworks 4 days, we were not aware of the Novell TID
that stated “use a larger Hard Drive because ZENworks Imaging can shrink a
partition but cannot expand a partition”. That being said, we are re-
imaging our entire inventory using 80GB and 40GB Hard Drives as our master
images. To be exact, in the Zenworks 4 days, we had 40GB Hard Drives
formatted as 3GB Hard Drives. (Incredible waste of Hard Drive Space and
partition stretching programs are time thieves). When we drop images on
our Dell Optiplex units which have a variety of Hard Drives (anywhere
between 2GB/6GB/10GB and up to 40GB) our uses experience freezing. Our
Dell Optiplex computers are imaged using a master image of a Windows 98SE
OS with a 40GB partition. All things being equal, the only factors that
have changed are: a)Hard Drive size used for the master image. B)ZENworks
upgrade from 4 to 6.5. c)Critical updates from Microsoft.

I have two questions.
1.Before imaging, we fdisk and format and I have noticed that Workstation
Manager still renames the workstation. Is that information cached at the
HDD level or the Zenworks level?
2. Should we use the option “To Disable ZEN Partition, type:” in Novell
ZENworks Imaging to ensure a clean partition?
3.Any idea’s as to why the Dell Optiplex’s are freezing.