I am trying to get a computer to boot to the network using PXE and am
having troubles here are my questions.

1. I can boot from a bootcd does that mean i have everything setup on the
server correct?

2. what all needs to be running on the server?

3.My workstation is using a Linksys tx nic card. i set the bios to try
other devices to boot from and to boot from the network, when i try and
boot it does not even attempt to boot to the network. is there some bios
settings i am missing or is there something else i need to load.

4. I also have a workstation using a sis900 nic card and i set it up the
same way in bios. when this workstation boots it starts booting to the
network till it gets to the line that says "RPl-ROM-FFC" then it counts to
6 and then goes to the next boot device.

I am sure there is plenty i am missing as i am new to this linux and pxe
stuff, i would appreciate any help.

thanks in advance,