Ok, here's the deal. I need to be able to image machines and get them
registered in eDirectory with the proper name without touching it. Isn't
that what everybody wants? I had it setup and working great with ZFD4.
I've upgraded from Zen 4.0.1 IR5 to 6.5 SP1b (to support GX280s) and
ziswin apparently doesn't work exactly the same.

Before the upgrade this is how the process worked...
1. Unregister the model workstation before gathering the image and make
sure there is so zenwsimport entry in the hosts file. I don't use DNS,
just the local hosts file. Also remove ziswin from the registry so it
won't run until after sysprep finishes.
2. Image the machine, let sysprep run and do its thing (it gives the
machine a random name and sets auto login to 2)
3. After the first restart, ziswin is restored back into the registry and
then run directly from the batch file. ziswin pulled image safe info and
put it in the registry and restarted the machine when it finished.
4. the next reboot corrects the hosts file to get zenwsimport to work,
then restarts again.
5. Now the machine should have the correct name and proper zenwsimport
entry and should import (register) in eDirectory and start pulling down
any associated applications.

Now ziswin cannot be run directly from the command line in the batch file
because it goes into interactive mode. It has to be part of the "boot
sequence" (from the documentation). If I restore it back into the
registry it runs fine, but the auto admin login interferes. I have to
have the auto admin login to be able to copy the correct hosts file AFTER
ziswin finishes naming the machine properly.

PS I can't use any other workstation naming tools because we name our
machines by their building-room number and inventory tag.

Any ideas?