I'm new to Zen imaging and I'm trying to get it going on a virtual
server/workstation and I can't really get anything to happen - I'm finding
the documentation painfully vague on how to get it up and running in a
meaningful way. Everything on the server looks fine but it jsut refuses to
do anything.

I'm running a Windows 2003 Advanced server with Windows DHCP which works
fine from Windows clients (though PXE won't get an IP address from this
dhcp server for some reason). I tried creating Zen Imaging boot disks which
also won't get dhcp addresses - so I created them manually specifying the
imaging server address and it tells me (can't locate server).

I've got Novell 6.5 installed, zenworks 6 installed, pretty much every
option installed on there. Any links to a step by step guide to get imaging