I want to store an image on the local HD of a computer with zen 6.5
novell 6.5, windows XP pro.

I made the 5 boot disk, told it to have a zen partition of 2048, (max)
size. and enabled the partition.

I cannot find the right place to store the image. I run out of disk
space after only 15 sec.of image time after starting the image process by
selecting LOCAL instead of SERVER. Everything work fine if I select
server but I need to speed up the image time for use in some school
computer labs.

Is the zen partition I made using the 5 boot disks the right partition
for a local image? If not how do I create the right partition?

How do I type the correct path to where the image needs to be stored on
on the local HD?

PS Sorry I just don't understand linux very well, but I am trying to
improve my skills.