Ok, please excuse my lack of Linux knowledge!

Right..... I have created an image (a generic one) which works on any
motherboard in our trust. We have about 7000 workstations and need to be
able to do disk to disk imaging as well as network/PXE imaging.

The problem we are having is this:

We create the workstation image off a 6Gb disk (as this is the smallest
disk we have) and upload it to the network with compression. We also keep
a master IDE disk for doing local imaging using the Zen boot CD. The
problem is, when we restore the image to the new PC (regardless of size,
20Gb/40Gb etc) it shows up in Windows XP as a 6Gb drive????

We used to use Ghost and it reclaimed the space automatically. There must
be a way with Zen and Im just missing something, am I?