I have a roughly 40gb size harddrive. Am using the latest imaging kernel for
ZFD6.5 created as a bootcd (may 18, 2005). I begin by creating a
Workstation Imaging Partition (Linux) using the "install" command at the
#bash prompt. I have set the Partition size to 5000mb in the settings.txt
file before I begin. Next I restore an image from the proxy imaging server
to the harddrive and it lays down the image file and creates an NTFS primary
partition using the remainder of the harddrive space (roughly 33Gig).

Now, I attempt to create a local image to the Linux partition from the
workstation using the following command: img makel winxp.zmg comp=9

It begins then stops after a few seconds with the following error msg.
Error: Out of space on Destination...

Obviously I am missing something. I have been successful creating local
images using FAT32 however the ZFD documentation says that it "It is
possible to store an image file on the workstation imagaing partiton".

My logic in doing it this way is that we have training workstations that
need to be reimaged occassionaly because of student use and having the image
file stored locally on a linux partition is more secure from windows.

Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated.

Mark G Denty
System Administrator