I am trying to use PXE on the workstations to boot to the imaging server.
The workstation does not connect. Times out at the DHCP.... screen and
does not appear to get an IP.
If I boot the workstation with the linux BootCD and mauually type in the
IP of the server I can connect and take an image of the workstation.
I get the following error on the logger screen of the server when
unloading and loading PXE (pxestop - pxestart)

" Using Sys:\TFTP\ from SYS:\system\TFTP.ini as TFTP data directory. No
IP address spcified in ini file -using any IPaddress failed to bind "

I have a single server environment running Zen 6.5sp1 on a netware6.5sp3
server. The DHCP server is up and running on the Netware server
The PDHCP.INI file says:

# The Preboot client will contact the server on this IP address to check
# imaging work.

# The PXE/Preboot client will contact the server on this IP address to
# download the Preboot client (dinic.sys) and the Imaging engine if
# imaging work is required.

# If set the Proxy DHCP server will try to bind to this IP address on the
# server.
# The IP address set must be a valid IP address on the server.
# This setting can be used to force the PDHCP server to respond on only one
# interface on a multihomed server.

# Should the Proxy DHCP server listen on the dhcp port 67

This is my first go at Imaging, appreciate any advise