Fairly new to ZENworks and still in the process of learning the best
methods for use. I am also new to desktop imaging only being aware of
programs such as Ghost but not using them.

Using an older system, I created a Base Windows XP SP2 image with all
the latest service packs, the Novell Client (4.91), the ZfdAgent.MSI and
the anit-virus package we use called F-Secure. I also created a custom
default user profile.

I deployed my Windows XP base image to two new Dell GX280 systems today
and thought I would post my results and see if my experience is typical
or do I need to further fine tune the image and image process.

After deploying the image, drivers for the Broadcom NIC, the video
drivers and sound drivers were missing. This was fairly easy to solve
with the Dell Resources CD.

Is there an easy way to incorporate these drivers in the master image?

Thanks for any advice/tips.