I'm running zfd 6.5 sp1 on a netware 6.5 sp2 box, dhcp is running on a
separate Linux box.

when I set an image job for a worktation (any workstation) it does not
find any work to do and boots into Windows.

the workstation does find the dhcp and pdhcp info.

the following is a small excerpt from the zenpxe.log file.

(4) connected successfully
(4) server version from proxy - 7
sending PROXY_CMD_PXE_FILE packet
proxyGetPXEFilename returned workToDo = 1
proxyGetPXEFilename returned SUCCESS
PXE Filename = bootzen2.bin
pxeProxyInit Success
EXIT ZENGetPXEFilename returning (workToDo) 0
EXIT ZENGetPXEFilename returning (filename) bootzen2.bin

any ideas???