I've seen previous posts about enhancement requests to do auto-spliting of
images during imaging, but have been unable to find out if this ever
happened, or is ever going to happen. Anyone know?

We've got some remote administrators that occaisionally need to backup and
reimage machines remotely. Using local imaging to and from a USB drive
rather than CD seems preferable, especially since the Zen cd imaging process
is pretty clunky (IMHO). But w/out the auto-split option so that we can
drop the files sizes below 4gb, this option gets almost as clunky as CDs.

Ext2 file system works great for backing up images >4gb w/ a usb drive, but
the only way to do anything with the image afterwards is restore it to a
machine via Zen imaging; can't mount the usb drive's ext2 partition under
Windows and use Image explorer. Or mount the driver under a different
linux system and copy it to a windows system from there, etc etc. Also,
each remote admin would have to format at least a part if not all of their
USB drive in ext2 (which means I would have to train them how to do that),
and would have to re-format to use under Windows platform.

I've toyed with the idea of compiling in a tool like Captive ntfs support -
anyone tried it? - to the boot cd, but would prefer a "supported" option
from Novell.