I posted this in the Forge as well (doesn't seem like many posts go there)
anyhow maybe someone else could shed a little light...

Just trying to get some leg work done before the arrival of some GX620's.
Currently running zfd 6.5 sp1a and it does not recognize the SATA drives in
Native mode (combination only). I'd like to stick with Native which does
work in the 2.6.11 Version on the Forge. I have run into some problems
completing other tasks in this kernel though, particularly doing host
reverse look-ups (I use a script to name the workstations this way). It
seems I am having trouble with the libraries (I am guessing) but there looks
to be something going on with the files system as well.

I get this from a dmesg output
Attempt to access beyond end of device
ram0: rw=0, want=35064 limit=32768

This eventually escalates as you try to do more. The weird part about this
is I rebuilt it using your build-scripts to increase the RAM drive to 48 Mb
Running the command "host" comes up with a library error, I have tried
putting the libraries in no luck.

So I guess my question is how did you come up with your minix disk/folder,
and libraries ? And has anyone else experienced these kind of problems ?
Just trying to get this all figured out.