We have recently received some new Motion LE1600 tablet PC's and I am
unable to get the ZEN imaging boot CD to work on them. I'm hoping it's
just a driver problem, but I'm not sure. When I use the standard ZENworks
Imaging boot CD (6.5.1), it loads the kernel, then it can't mount the CD-
ROM drive. If I try to use the newer boot CD from Forge, I get a kernal
panic error (something about interrupt request; if the error is
important, I can get it). I do know that they are using a strange network
card (RealTek RTL8110); I can get a linux driver from Realtek's site, but
it is uncompiled (*.c file), and I'm not too sure how to compile it (or
if it will help with the Forge boot CD; I clearly can't use the standard
boot CD since it won't mount the USB CD-ROM). Any suggestions / advice?