Strange issue here.

When imaging new wks, using a server policy which push a scripted image
based on criteria, the wks object field in the image safe data is not
properly filled.
As our test, the field is only updated if I clear the ISD (Image Safe
Data or Sector 6) (zisedit -r | zisedit -c) then goto zisedit and check
the just imaged flag). Then, I have to login two times with an
administrator user to get the field filled up !! normal "users" doesn't
work at all.!!

Also, if I just let the wks reboot and reboot, the field will never be
populated...Results = can't re-image wks, using the "image on next" boot...

Also, if on the base image, I uninstall ZEN 6.5 agent, clear the ISD,
put the just image flag, install the old ZEN4.0.1 agent, everything is
ok right after the first boot, no need to reboot twice.

After that said, I tough it was an issue with the ZEN 6.5 agent, but I
can replicate this in two environnement which have been upgraded.
ZENworks 6.5 agent (no SP) is doing the same...

Netware 6.0 SP5, ZENworks 6.5sp1a (have been upgraded from ZENworks
4.0.1 IR4)

Using scripted images or standarts images doesn't change nothing.

We are using a base image of windows XP, which reboots, runs sysprep,
then an autoadmin logon to install ZENworks agent (6.5sp1) then run the

Any idea ???
I hope not to have to reinstall ZENworks on the server..................