I resize all NEW workstations local Hard Drive and take 10g off of the
top (normally an 80gig drive and the users never uses 1/3 of the Hard
Drive anyway so they don't miss it). This leaves 70 gig for the users
(if needed). On the 10gig I format using Fat32, use ghost to create a
partition image to the 10 gig and then hide, and read only, the Image.
If the user or Spyware takes over the computer, I simply re-Image from
the second (10gig) partition (using Ghost, I'm new to Zen65).

They will not buy me a Image server. The server we have will not hold
all of the Images needed (limited server space and memory).

Will the Image software allow me to install a Linux partition and pull
the Image (created with Zenworks) from the local Hard drive second
partition? This does not have to be done remotely! I understand I will
have to do this at the Workstation.

NEW feature to ask Novell to add to Zenworks 7, place images on the
second partition and have the Image server know to check for a "local"
partition (image) first, if this fails then check the Image server for a

Stop sending Large Images across the wire!

Now, Can anyone tell me what to put into the box when creating a local
image? //hda1/hda2/image file name? (new to Linux as well).