We have installed ZENWorks 6.5 three month ago. Now we want to use
ZENWorks imaging. Because wo do not use dhcp in our
network, we are forced to create a linux-partion on every workstation we
want to deploy or restore an image.

We have configured the server-package to deploy images automatically to
all workstations which connect to the ZENWorks
imaging server with a certain IP-Adress. But on the workstation which has
this IP-Adress, the message "no work to do"
appears every time I boot the machine.

Now I've read the TID 10096126 about a missing "zenimgImagingService"-
Well, I found this Object in the right context, but I am unable to edit
this object,
because expect the standard attributes no other attributes are there to
edit them.
My Question is now: Do I need snapins to edit the "zenimgImagingService"-
Object and where can i find these snapins?

Thanks for your help!