With Zenworks 4.1 I was able to have my bootcd automatically connect to
the desired image by having myscript.s in the BIN directory of the
bootcd.iso called and run. Now I try the very same script with the
bootcd.iso Zenworks 6.5 (because it includes all the new drivers,
broadcom and serial ATA...etc) and it does not work. My imaging
is Netware 6.5. I have tried "export IMGCMD="myscript.s" at the end
the settings.txt file and that does not work. I have also tried what
is suggested here:

but I can not get the read only setting to stay after placing all the
files from the image into the folder. I am using XP. Other than
writing all the commands out andassigning them to the IMGCMD variable
like so:

export IMGCMD="img pd1 img pd2 img pd3...etc

I am at a loss. Can anyone please elaborate what my options are
regarding the modification of the runme.s file and a step by step guide
on how to do it. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.