I am new to linux and these forums so please excuse me as I've tried to
learn a lot in the last few days but am still lacking in linux
knowledge. I have a few questions that I could use exlaining and maybe
some comments for new linux users who are possibly trying what I have
just done.

- I have been unable to find a useful help file for adding drivers to
the boot cd(boot.iso - kernel 2.6.11). The one that I have been able to
find is 6 months old and tells me that drivers compiled under linux
2.6.x are not compatible with the boot.iso. Either way after trying
many different things I decided that because the newest boot.iso disk
is in fact made with kernel 2.6.11 that I should also compile my
drivers with the same version. Not too difficult but for a non linux
user this was very confusing. Also in the readme with the boot.iso it
notes that they have fixed the problem with linux reading .ko modules.
On the boot disk this does not seem to be the case which means that
although drivers are compiled as .ko in linux 2.6.x you must change
them back to .o if you want to add them to /drivers/net/ otherwise you
will get an Invalid module format when you try to load them. Once you
change the driver extension to .o the problem disappears.

Okay now my problem is that in my driver.conf file I have the following
two commands under the loading network drivers part:
insmod -f $MODPATH/net/sk98lin.o ConType=100FD
insmod -f $MODPATH/net/e100.o e100_speed_duplex=4

I have just recompiled a new version(8.23) of sk98lin driver because I
was having connection speed issues and couldn't find a fix. I was using
the older boot disk with the older drivers provided on novell with the
above commands.

So my issues are as listed:
-how do I check that I am running my sk98lin driver as oppose to the
default ones that are included on the disk?
-once I connect to the server via my driver, with the configuration
above, the connection is incredibly slow(probably 10/half and network
services is reporting thousands or errors). I am using intel 100 cards
as well as the marvell yukon cards that are all built into these
gateway E-3600 and E-4300 machines which all connect to a cisco 4006
switch. PortFast is enabled on the switch and all ports are hard set to
100/full. When the switch is set to Auto/Auto and my card is set to
100/full the connection is very fast(100/full). Any other configuration
seems to fail/not established properly. Also to make matters more
confusing, sometimes these computers(1 in 10 times) image with both
port and card set to 100/full, although I can not repeat this on the
same computer just after it has happened.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,