I was curious if someone knew how to edit the boot.iso(kernel 2.6.11
-http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?zfdimgdrv) so that you
could use the mii-tool command outlined in
The document above outlines the process for pxe booting and not the
bootcd in particular. I basically have about 10 different models with
different network cards in my environment and I'm always getting new
ones so it would be nice if there was an interface that dealt with this
as oppose to the driver.conf file which doesn't seem to toss errors or
give me any indication of whether or not it is doing anything or what
connection speed it eventually decided on. I'm completely new to the
linux thing so I may be missing something really obvious.

Any other ideas to simply control the speed of the network card
settings consistantly through the boot cd would also be appreciated.
I've had quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out which drivers are
actually being loaded and whether my driver.conf file is being read
because my connection doesn't seem to negotiate to 100/full when the
port is set to 100/full on the switch. Because the switch always works
on Auto/auto I'm inclined to believe that my configuration is incorrect
and that the cd is really just trying an auto/auto default
configuration. If I could actually confirm what linux thinks its
connecting at, it would be very helpful.

I also raised some of these problems in post 4194.


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