Ok sorry, this is long but I wanted to make sure you knew what I was
trying to do.

We have Zen 6.5 servers (2) and all machines have it enabled for Imaging
and Naldesk
We currently use Ghost and Sysprep along with some inhouse tools to create
a Windows XP sp1 image that has over 15 apps in it and a 2 gig drivers
directory that supports 80 hardware types (Dell, Compaq, HP and Toshiba)
the total image is over 4.5 gig, but it works well

We've now started testing the ZEN imaging system which by far gives use
more flexability.

The below is what we wish to achieve
We wish to allow Techs to reimage machines onsite , not via the Console.
We want boot a machine via PXE into a modified ZEN boot CD ( yet to be
done and we are typing the commands manaully from a CD.)
- We need information on how to modify the CD to allow one command
to push a bunch of images to a desktop.
- ie GX240apps would install the Base Image,
Drivers Image and Apps Image.
- We need to create a PXE boot image of this file (any tools)
Once booted we wish to deploy the Windows XP base image (with Netware and
Zenworks in it, Syspreped) -- This has been created and works
We also wish to deploy a drivers ZMG with the Sysprep setting for that
model of computer -- This also has been done and works
Then we wish to deploy the applications, all 15+ into the image and have
them install after sysprep.
-- We have made the apps
-- The Applications are associated to the Machine
-- We have created the apps.ZMG files
-- We can deploy them , they are on the computers hard drive
in the cache directory-- But don't install into the OS
-- We had a play with the settings and was able to force
install them from a (user)login but we wish to make it work like below.

In short

Boot on CD
Type GX240Apps
Image's deploy
The machine reboots a couple of times and runs sysprep, renaming and
install all the applications from the cache directory.
Machine starts up an is ready to go for the user to login

Can this be done or are we asking for more than is possible.