I can boot the DELL GX520's via PXE into my Zen server, but none of menu
option or IMG commands work. When ever you type a command in Linux,
nomally a screen would pop up with various options, or a tools would open
up. What I get is a screen that pops up and then closes straight away,
every time.

II boot up a DELL GX150, all the imaging commands/menus work fine, still
on the same Zen 65 server.

Any ideas. The DELL GX520's are a very new model.

I have used the DELL GX520's on my Zen 3.2 server, and also used a Zen
Boot CD instead of PXE, this worked fine.

I havn't as yet tried to use a boot cd instead of PXE on the DELL 520 as I
need to create a new linux boot CD for Zen 65.