I am trying to add additional video, audio, chipset and network drivers
to a base image I am making to work across multiple Dell systems. So
far, my attempts have failed for one reason or another.

I have created a folder on the root for the drivers and used a folder
structure as follows: (example)

\n (for network)
\1 (for specific network drivers)

\a (for audio)
\c (for chipset)
\v (for video)
My sysprep.inf file contains the following in the [unattended] section.

OemPnPDriversPath=drivers\n\1;drivers\n\2;drivers\ v\1;drivers\c\1;drivers\a\1;

I have also modifies the registry value for DevicePath to indicate the
driver paths.

When the image is placed on a specific system the correct drivers are
still not being installed.

I understand that the format of the files in the specific driver folders
must be INF/CAT.

Is there a standard way to extract drivers to this format to place them
into these folders?