Hi there,

Im having a massive problem with workstation imaging. It didnt use to do
this, but every time that we place an image on a PC, we get the following
message when we try to log in:

"Windows workstation registration: A problem is preventing Windows from
accurately checking the license for this computer. Error Code 0x80070002."

After clicking okay on the dialog box, the PC logs out, making the PC
completely unusable. This happens both on newly created images and images
that have been used many times successfully in the past.

I think this started happening after we unsuccessfully attempted to install
Zenworks imaging on the Netware server in a remote branch that only has a
128k WAN link. After the install of Zenworks 6.5 on that server we got the
error message 'unable to create imaging service object'. Setting up imaging
jobs in Console One did not work (no work to be done message) and we
couldent manually image either because the PS/2 Keyboard wouldent work at
the bash prompt. After finding and setting up the PC with a USB keyboard it
did work at the bash prompt, however after making an image and putting the
image manually it started giving that WIndows Product Activation error
message described above.

After a bit of snooping around the Novell TID's we thought the problem
might have been to do with the servername-ZIS object, so we attempted to
reinstall Zenworks, no success, and we did it again, still no success, so
we added the trustee rights manually to the root object for servername-ZIS,
still no success. At our remote branch when we run 'img z i' from the bash
prompt and it shows that it cant find the workstation in the tree, even
though the workstation has been imported into the tree.

Eventually we just gave up on it and returning to our main branch, to my
horror I discover that the problem with Windows Product Activation is
happening here too, although running 'img z i' from the bash prompt here
does show the workstation name.

What should I do? at the moment I am completely powerless to reimage any
PC, and there are several which urgently need to be done.

Many thanks,
Erik Hogan