I'm having trouble getting imaging to work with some new Dell Dimension 9100
computers. We are using Zen 6.5 Sp1b and the nic(Intel Desktop VE 100) is
not detected. I was able to overcome that problem by compiling a new driver
for the 2.4.28 kernel. My next problem is with the SATA, it appears the
2.4.28 doesn't support SATA without setting the BIOS to combination mode
which really affects performance. So next I tried the 2.6.11 kernel on
Forge, it supports the SATA but doesn't support the nic. So now I need to
compile a new e100.ko driver for the 2.6.11 kernel. Can the person who setup
the 2.6.11 kernel share how they setup their environment so I can duplicate
it or can someone compile a new e100.ko that works with the 2.6.11 kernel
from forge? Also what is Novell's stance on this? Do they have a hotpatch
that I can call and get that will fix my problems or am I just SOL. Thanks.

Jim Webb