We recently upgraded from ZFD 4.01 to 6.5 with latest SPs.

We have 3 class C subnets in our network, all of the computer labs are in
the same subnet. Our switch infrastructure is managed 3com switches.

I started a multicast session from the ZFD server console, all the clients
were picked up (clients are booted and set to multicast client manually)
without a problem, however once the session started, all stations froze, no
data was transferred and one by one each client dropped from the multicast

I used Unicast to image one system in this lab, then tried to multicast
from that machine with the exact same results, all the clients were dropped
from the session.

I finally resorted to unicasting the lab, much slower but I have to get
this lab done.

the majority of systems finished ok, but some are consistantly dropping
from the unicast to the following error:

Eth0: wait_for_cmd_done timeout

scrolling down the screen.

I Ctrl-c out of that, and typed echo $? which returns a 1

Any suggestions?