We currenlty have a Windows 2003 server in the Development area and we use
for PXE boot for the test machines

*** The original setup works
1. TFTPD32 by Ph. Jounin
2. The Menu image is created with 3Com image edit
3. The Boot Disk images are created with 3Com image edit
4. We have a Unix DHCP server that is setup to deliver a next
server IP and a filename (ie "" and "projectroom.pxe")

I PXE (NIC) boot a computer and gets the PXE server information and
displays a Menu after downloading the projectroom.pxe

*** The problem is it does not support a CD images like the Novell
Zenworks, so we setup the Windows version of the Novell services, but it
does not work.
1. I setup the services
TFTPservice and MTFTPservice and made sure they were
2. They were config'd before I started them to point to a directory
that had all the Disk and menu files in it (defaults supplied by Novell)
3. I changed the Unix DHCP server settings to be ( ""
and "defmenu.dat")
4. I PXE (NIC) boot a computer and gets the PXE server information
but hangs after downloading the defmenu.dat
5 I replace the defmenu.dat with a copy of projectroom.pxe renamed
to "defmenu.dat" and reboot the computer and I get a menu
6. This proves that the TFTP service is serving the files ok.
7. We then set up a Novell box and we had the same results the TFTP
service serves out the files but no menu.
8. We creating a new menu with one entry in it and the same problem

The problem seems to be that the menu file just does not display a menu,

I have 2 options

1. Get the Novell Menuing system working on either the Windows or
Novell servers or
2. Find a way of creating an image of a CD that will work with the
existing TFTP service (.sys) files.

Any ideas