Quick background: I work for a school district that has just purchased
Open Enterprise, Zenworks and Groupwise. School opens in about 3 weeks and
I've got over 100 PCs to image and have in place, and I'm flying solo.
We're currently running an Active Directory environment and I have no time
to get eDirectory all set up, so for now I'm staying with AD and Exchange.
I had quite alot of experience in cloning workstations, but that was 4
years ago and I've never used Novell, except in the work I've been doing
leading up to this deployment.

My status: Currently, I have a single server with OES Netware and Zenworks
installed. I've been able to create/deploy images using "maintenance mode"
but have not really automated anything at this point. I do have a server
policy set up and working to do an initial image of a new workstation, and
also have workstations importing if the novell client is already installed.
The base image of XP I'm using right now has been "sysprepped" and I have
an addon image with the drivers for the intel motherboard in these new
machines. If I used the maintenance imaging mode I can send both of these
images down to the machine and the correct drivers are detected/loaded on
first boot.

My problem: I need some help in deciding what path I should take next.
Some of these machines need to be in a student lab, others are for
teachers/administrators. I'm not sure how I should go about making sure
that they each have the software they need. Since I'm not really using
E-directory for logins or anything, I'm not sure that I need the Novell
Client at this time. I don't feel that I have the time to figure out how
to use NAL and get it configured. But I simply don't know. I could just
create separate images for labs, teachers, administrators, but that would
mean going back and changing it later when I want more flexibility. I have
not even looked at a way to automate the imaging process yet, either.

What should I look at first? I wish I had more time to use E-directory and
the Application Launcher (sounds like it'd be great as a shell for the
student labs.) My main concern is to have all of these machines set up
with the right software before school starts. If I can avoid having to "do
things over" later, that'd be a big plus as well.