I have an image with WinXP sp2 using sysprep and it works great. I also
changed the menu in menueditor.

I have to lines in my menu: 1) boot to linux prompt and 2) boot and run my
I haven't use preworx which I think is to expensive. Instead I have changed
runlevel 2 in "runme.s" to run my script instead of "imaging.s". But here is
my problem whatever image I choose in Console One for my workstation it
always distributes my sysprep image in the script. No problem because it
works for all of my workstations. But maybe I would like to install a
non-standard image for some workstations and that won't work except if I do
it manually from linux prompt.

So what I want to do is to create a new runlevel in "runme.s" and booting
with a new bootzen#.bin. I can open bootzen2.bin with winimage 7.0 and
change it but I can't save it correctly. Instead of a 220 kb file it becomes
a 1440 kb file and when I run it, it says that "image is not signed,
aborting" if I remember correctly.

Why do I get that error?

What program can I use for correctly saving the bin file again after
modifing it.

Sven Brokstad
(I've posted it also in the zen 4 imaging forum)