Hi there,

Im having difficulty imaging our latest suite of PCs.

The onboard NICs are Nvidia nForce 3 NICs - they have PXE capability, but
when using Zenworks PXEboot in maintenance mode it gives a message that it
cant find the NIC and so I cant do imaging operations.

So I read up about how to pull apart the linux.2 file and manually add
drivers. That is good, except that Nvidia wont just give you the nForce
driver for any particular linux kernel - they give you a shell script which
you are supposed to run on your copy of linux and it should automatically
compile the NIC drivers depending on what version of the linux kernel you

So, the hard part is getting the driver. I attempted to run the shell
script inside the Zenworks PXE boot bash prompt by copying it to the hard
drive in Windows and then mounting the hard drive inside PXE. Unfortunately
since the PXE image of Zenworks seems to be missing a few common linux
files (cut, tail, cksum etc) the shell script wasnt able to successfully
run. I copied the files from another Linux box but it still wasnt
successful, I presume because the other Linux box was running an entirely
different version of the Kernel..

Any advice on what to do next would be very appreciated!

Many thanks
Erik Hogan