I have the big park of computers. I have decided to introduce a complex of
software ZENWorks in the network.
1. Has adjusted the first computer with the necessary set of programs and
has made an image of a disk on a server.
2. Has started to work with the second computer. It was loaded from the
network adapter and has loaded an image on this computer.
3. It was reloaded. The computer began loading and at once stopped on
blinking cursor.
4. As the equipment on these computers miscellaneous. I have decided to
not panic and make one more base image of the second machine.
5. After I have made one more image, already the second machine, and have
loaded an image on a server, I was accepted to the third computer which
equipment differed from two previous computer.
.) All over again I have loaded an image from the first computer, after
start, the computer has stopped on blinking cursor.
) Then an image from the second computer, the situation has repeated.
7. I again did not begin to panic and have again adjusted the third
computer and have loaded an image on a server.
8. Now I have started the fourth computer. I by turns started to load
available three images on a computer.
) The first and second image. The computer has stopped on blinking cursor.
) The third image. The computer at loading, reaching up to a place where
the first running scale should appear, is reloaded. The situation enters
into a cycle.
I want to repeat, that the equipment of all four computers various. All
necessary set of the software on workstations and a server is installed
and it is adjusted correctly.
Prompt, in what idea of this software, or what not truly I do(make)?