I had posted earlier about how to create a universal image for several
platforms. I tried doing this following the recomendations that I use
ACPI PC for the HAL driver and then installing and making sure everything
worked and then syspreping the image. I had no luck with this. I
intially setup the universal image on our oldest machine a p3 667mhz with
a 10Gb HDD, this is also the smallest harddrive we have and I found a TID
or forum on how to make the image expand to fit a drive. When i put the
image on the next oldest PC a p3 930mhz I got an endless boot loop, it
would start to load windows and then restart and then come up with the
windows safe mode option screen. I, due to the start of the fall
semester, don't have time to sit and figure this out. If anyone can make
recommendations on what i need to do I can work on it in my spare time,
Ha like i have any free time right now. I would like to get this going
because right now we have 8 different images for the different PC's we
are running and there are at least another 8 types out there floating
around that i haven't had to work on yet. Thanks for any help and advice.