We have NW65 SP3 and I just applied the upgrade from ZEN 4.01 to ZEN 6.5 I also applied zen65sp1b.

Previously, we were imaging with ZEN 4.01 with no problems.

Currently all workstations boot to PXE, find the DHCP server, load Linux from the TFTP server but no images are brought down (neither unicast or multicast)

Manual imaging works fine. From the IMG menu, pressing F9 says "No Work To Do" even though Console1 has the option checked to image the computer on the next boot.

We did move the image files to a new volume, but I updated the image file object to point to the new image files. Manual imaging finds the image files and successfully images the workstations.

Also, all applications and policies seem to be working just fine in ZEN65.

We do have PDHCP and TFTP running on a different server from our Zenworks server running DTS.NLM but I don't believe that is an issue. I have copied the new pdhcp.nlm, tftp.nlm, and all files in the sys:\tftp directory from the ZEN server to the server running pdhcp and tftp. These two servers are on a different VLAN from the workstations, but that has never been an issue in the past. All the linux files appear to make it to the workstations ok.

What is the next step in troubleshooting why automatic imaging is not working?