Netware 6.5 sp3, Zen DM 6.5 sp1b. PC: IBM 8123-CTO with Boardcom Netxtreme

Problem. When PXE-booting the PC gets the Linux.1 and Linux.2 and when
starting Linux with the following text:

Scanning hardware devices ...
Detect RAID devices
Detect SCSI devices
Load USB modules
Load network modules
Getting DHCP info from the server. Please wait
<AND now the keybord stops working (testing with numlock or Caps lock), and
a several seconds pass>
unable to optain IP address
Network device found on eth0
Detect PCMCIA devices
Proxy IP Address is set to ...
tftp Linux.tgz from ...

And the keyboard still hangs.
I have tried some Linux.2 from forge... but the result is even worse... I
can't find a version description for the NIC I can't run any commands in
bash# since the keyboard does not function.

Hope someone bright can help.
Thanks in advance