I'm slowly fighting my way through a bunch of problems in our ZEN upgrade. Here's the latest:

We just upgraded from ZEN 4.01 to ZEN 6.5. Everything was working with ZEN 4.01. Finally got the install and SP1B running. We are all Netware 6.5 SP3.

I can image manually and automatically (both unicast and multicast) to any of three different computer labs. These are all Compaq computers (IPaqs and DL370) and all PXE boot.

The lab of Dell GX270s will unicast and multicast manually, but always sees no work to do when doing a PXE boot. They have BIOS A04 and upgrades to A06 (and down to A02) have not made any difference. I have tried plugging them into different ports on the switch and putting them on different VLANS. I have tried deleting the object in NDS and recreating it. I don't think that is an issue because when they do boot I can push down apps and remote control them with no problems.)

Also, when I issue a WOL command to the lab, only 4 machines of 22 wake up, but still do not join the multicast. The other three labs will all wake up and join with no problems and this was all working before the 6.5 upgrade.

I have noticed that there are quite a few Dell postings in this forum. Is imaging a problem for Dell?

If you have any clue where I can look next, please let me know!