Hi all,

Please keep in mind that I'm very new to linux...especialy Linux

I would like to have as custom menu on my Linux boot CD that would allow
users to select the image they need and have the image restored on the
machine. The images reside on the imagin server.

I've been using WinISO to look at the Bootcd.iso, I know I have to add
the Settings.txt file to the to the Bootcd.iso file, but from here can
somebody please tell me 1) what command must I put in the settings.txt
(if any) to launch the script (menu)? Is it export IMGCMD="/bin/script
file"? 2) where do I put the file/menu/script? is it in the
"Addfile/Bin" directory 3) Can someone supply an exemple of a menu
that includes a couple of menu items along with the command to launch
the imaging.