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>> > Meetoo message.
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>> > In our system it takes about 10sec and then it drops to bash.
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>> > I found a discussion where they were mentioning "broken" files in
>> > machine where the image was done and those were causing the failure.
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>> > We'll try to run chkdsk in that machine and then recreate image.
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>> > mikko

> More info:
> The server what worked last week both ways is not distributing images
> anymore. AND exho $? is giving 200 as output.
> We are using newest kernel stuff from forge kernel-2.6.11 and bottom is
> SP1a.
> There was discussion about new patch and BIG questing is: when it will
> be available or do we have open a ticket to novell?
> Soon i'm going to get desperate because we have about 800 pc's to
> reimage before school starts.... 24.8.05.... clock starts to tick..
> mikko


now the thread as marcus said.

so more on problem amount of the pc's is now about 400. it concerns only
the new dell620 pc and i personally suspect that the problem has
something to do with sata ja harddrives in those pc's. because it works
nicely with older 280,270 models.

but it didn't work yesterday... but today is a new day with bigger hopes.

so any word of THE allmighty patch to zen6.5?

more background info:

we made image with one pc and it was distributed last succesfully. then
something was installed to "imagepc" and new image was done. old is
distributing but the new drops to #bash.

today we are looking which harddrives are really in those pc's if there
is any difference. and try to figur about which file is causing the
problem. but this echo $? = 200 means that it is diskproblem.


but how to jumper sata drive wrong? so it must something to do with

for this kind of problems, if it is corrupted file, there should be a
little utility to validate image. which scans image on gives out list of
problematic files.