Does anyone know the location on the Hard drive (Offset) of the Image Safe
data and how it is stored. I have a problem with machines that are running
Powerquests Boot manager , If I have a dual boot OS's both with Windows XP
and one has Novell 4.91 + ZFD 6.5 on it I get the below fault.

If I boot the machine up I get a boot menu (PQboot) I select the Non
Novell OS all works and when I reboot I get the menu again.
If I boot the into the OS with Novell all is ok and if I reboot the Menu
does not appear and it reports it is corrupt.
If I go into the Windows with Novell image (luckly it defaults to this if
the menu is corrupt) and run the "PQ boot conf" util and do a save without
any changes the Menu comes back, but as soon as the ZFD collects again it
is corrupt.

What I wanted to do is have a look at the area of Hard drive that Image
safe writes to to see if they have a conflict.