Running ZfD 6 on NetWare 6.5 sp3 to image WinXP Dell GX240, GX260, GX270
and GX 280 workstations.

Since we upgraded to ZEN 6, imaging has gone smoothly for the most part.
However, we have several w/s that boot to the linux partition, and then
stall when there is no work to do. The screen shows the active partition
being switched to hda2, which is correct for the reboot to WinXP, but then
it stops at the bash prompt. If you do CTRL-ALT-DEL to send the TERM
signal, it will occasionally reboot into Windows as it should but it is

Is there a configuration in a Linux file that I need to set to ensure the
w/s reboots to Windows if there is no work to do? Also, is there a way to
configure the linux boot process so it doesn't show the imaging UI with the
blue background if there is now ZEN work to do?