Linux.2 3/3/05

I'm able to take an image of the Dell gx240, but when I go to restore it,
using pxe, it gets as far as bringing up the blue screen with the
progress bar. Elapsed time shows 2 seconds. It says Flushing buffers and
below that it says $LogFile in the area where you would normally see the
files that are being restored. At that point the workstation is
completely hung. (Although it will accept crtl-alt-del for a reboot)
If I disable the integrated 3com nic in the bios and install an intel
nic, the image will restore properly. I then remove the intel nic and
renable the 3com nic and login to the workstation. The 3c920 is not
listed as an approved nic on the ZEN documentation that I read. The
3c905 and 3c905b are approved. The 3c920 is compatible with the 3c905c.
I believe I have the latest linux.2 file and I can't find any newer
drivers, than what I have, for the 3c920. Does anyone know if there is
a newer driver or newer linux.2 file or some other way to make this work?