I must be mistaken but this is what I thought I needed to do.

1. Install imaging server - done.
2. Load agents on wkstations -done.
3. Once wrkst is imported set up a policy for the workstation that has
imaging configured ie image this workstation on next boot. Also indicate
where to save image.- done.
4. Reboot workstation.

I thought that once the agents were installed that isd was create on the
hard drive (sector 6) and then I could create a base image as I described
above and put the image on other workstations using the policies in c1.
Where am I wrong.

Do I have to run sysprep?

Do I have to use the pxe settings to launch the imaging engine on the wrkst?

I am running out of time to get 40 wrkst configured and thought my
understanding of imaging would do.