I just downloaded the 2.6.22 bootcd. I'm getting an error when trying to
run lilo.s after imaging.


"/bin.lilo.s:update: No such file or directory
/dev/hda1 --zen partition
/dev/hda2 -- Active Partition
Re-installing the boot code
Added Imaging *
Added prompt
Device 0x300: Invalid partition table, 2nd entry
3D address: 1/0/14 (14112)
Linear address 1/0/210 (211680)
Active partition did not exist at boot time?
Retrying boot code installation
/mnt/harddisk/etc/lilo2.conf: No such file or directory
lilo failed to recignize the new OS boot loader, rewriting lilo
This problem willbe resolved on next reboot, if run in automatic mode
If booting in manual mode, run lilo.s next time it reboots"

This happens on new PC's, and PC's we have previously used the 2.4.22
kernel on sucessfully.

Also, has the way you use the "addfile" folder changed with the new
kernel. I noticed a new addon.tgz, adn wondered if there is a different
process for adding or replacing files in the iso, short of using the
new "buildscripts(which, by the way, thank you for bringing it back).